A brief summary of the previous events is available in the following table. Click on the name of each event to find further information about the optimization problem and the winner.


ISCSO 2018Team EvoMDO:
i. Mohamed Mohamed
ii. Ali Ahrari
University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra, Australia1000 EurosMİTAŞ Energy
ISCSO 2017Team COIN:
i. Ali Ahrari
ii. Abhinav Gaur
Michigan State University, United States1000 EurosMİTAŞ Telecom Systems Inc.
ISCSO 2016Muhammad Firmansyah KasimUniversity of Oxford, United Kingdom1000 EurosMİTKON
ISCSO 2015Team COME:
i. Péter Zénó Korondi
ii. Dionysios Panagiotopoulos
iii. Efthymios Papoutsis
iv. Tobias Teschemacher
v. Sebastian Thelemann
Technical University of Munich, Germany750 EurosMİTAŞ Telecom Systems Inc.
ISCSO 2014Team Born Bright:
i. Erik Günther
ii. Morten M. Kaastrup
iii. Thomas Lumpe
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Technical University of Munich, Germany
1000 EurosMİTAŞ Engineering Inc.
ISCSO 2013Team LLBo Juniors:
i. Markus Schatz
ii. Qian Xu
Technical University of Munich, Germany1000 EurosMİTAŞ Engineering Inc.
ISCSO 2012Team MunichOpt:
i. Simon Rudolph
ii. Jakob Schmidt
Technical University of Munich, Germany500 EurosMİTAŞ Engineering Inc.
ISCSO 2011Saartje ArnoutKU Leuven, Belgium300 EurosOPTENG Project Engineering